Sebastian Has shot for such companies as:



Converse China
Playtime PR

Julia Mays

Liha beauty



Maha Lozi

Mr Nutts


Goodie Goodness

Kano Computing

From Africa

Chlo Chlo (Retouching)


Breaking point LTD

The fairy light company 

Rosie Fox

Sandra D'angalo

Jennie Luke Head Shots

Electric Blues x2

Number Zed

Private Clothes Collection

Tag Town

Anabella Walker


Vivi Lin London


Hasinth Music Videos


Glenn Spiro Reveal by G - Director (Commercial)

Glenn Spiro Art of  Jewel - Editor (Social Content)

NBC Idents - Best Boy

Tucker - Best Boy (Ident)

Will and Grace - Best Boy (Promo)

Transience - Best Boy (Feature Film)

Captain Morgan - Best Boy (Commercial)

HRH - DoP / Director (Commercial)

Adidas - Spark (Commercial)

Carphone Warehouse - Spark (Commercial)

Xbox - Best Boy (Commercial)

Microsoft - Gaffer (Commercial)

Halo - Best Boy (Commercial)

Doritos - Best Boy (Commercial)

Charlotte Tilbury - Gaffer (Commercial + Youtube)

Love Island - Spark (Commercial)

Only Way is Essex - Spark (Commercial)

The Revenger - Best Boy (Feature)

The Bromley Boys - Best Boy (Feature)
Soils - Best Boy (Feature)

MIA - Gaffer (Short Film)

To Dover - Best Boy (Short Film

Mid Life Crisis - Spark (Feature)

Comedians Guide to Survival - Best Boy (Feature)

Tough Love - Touch - Spark (Music Video)

Rise of the Krays - Spark (Feature)

Arthur amd Merlin - Spark (Feature)

Beautiful Devils - Spark (Feature)

The Ghost Writer - Spark (Feature)

Pulsar - Best Boy (Short)

Arjun Artist x2 - Spark (Music Video)

Men's Health - Spark (Advert / Promo)

Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye - Spark (Short Art)

The Understudy - Gaffer (Short)

Dole the Series  x2 - Spark (Web Series)

Significane - Spark (Short)

A Special Guest - Spark (Feature)

Trash Kit - Medicine - Spark ( Music Video)

Etienne Daho - Les Chansons De L'Innocence -

The Future - Spark (Short)

Mens Health - Spark (Advert)